Best Instagrammable cafes in Phuket Thailand

Phuket, situated in the southern part of Thailand, is undeniably one of the most sought-after destinations in the country. This tropical island paradise may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of cafe hopping, but Phuket has a surprising array of trendy and stylish cafes that can turn your Instagram feed into a visual delight.

The ever-growing appetite of Instagram enthusiasts for the most captivating cafes has led to a constant evolution of new cafes opening and older ones closing in and around Phuket Town. This dynamic cafe scene is precisely what modern influencers and travelers seek. It allows them to select from a wide range of hip and aesthetically pleasing Instagrammable cafes in Phuket while immersing themselves in the diverse palette of colors and backgrounds that each unique cafe provides.If you’re looking for Instagrammable cafes in Phuket Thailand, here are a few worth checking out:

Cafe Ma Doo Bua  

Cafe Ma Doo Bua in Phuket, Thailand, is an exceptionally renowned cafe known for its contemporary Thai cuisine and traditional Thai architecture. It features picturesque lotus ponds with Water Lilly Victoria views, offering a serene and visually stunning setting. The cafe also offers a delightful selection of refreshing beverages. A highlight for visitors is the “Afternoon Tea By The Bua” package, which includes delectable appetizers and tea. Additionally, the cafe is adorned with enormous lotus lilies that encircle the entire café, creating an envy-inducing, Instagram-worthy location. Cafe Ma Doo Bua also provides professional photography services to capture memorable moments for its visitors​.

The Feelsion Cafe

For all the dessert aficionados out there, The Feelsion Cafe is an absolute haven. Their menu boasts an incredible array of desserts that will ignite your imagination. When it comes to Instagram-worthy desserts, they are true masters. From luscious chocolate scones to heavenly mango cakes, delightful strawberry croissants, and a tantalizing assortment of doughnuts, the options seem endless. Whether you’re in the mood for something classic or crave a creative dessert masterpiece, The Feelsion Cafe has got you covered with their delectable offerings.

The Tree House Restaurant & Beach Club

The Tree House Restaurant & Beach Club stands proudly as the flagship dining establishment at Blue Tree Phuket. This enchanting venue offers uninterrupted vistas of Thailand’s largest lagoon, the Crystal Lagoon. With its beach-themed ambiance, this cafe presents a diverse menu featuring both Thai and international culinary delights. So, if you find yourself craving a hearty burger after a day of exploring Phuket, The Tree House Restaurant & Beach Club has got you covered.

As the day winds down, you can transition into a relaxing evening with friends over drinks. The restaurant graciously closes its doors at 10 pm, allowing guests ample time to savor delectable meals, enjoy quality time with loved ones, and celebrate a day well spent. The rustic charm of beach hut decor and the captivating night lighting create the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy shots that are sure to leave your followers green with envy!

Cafe Phuket Viewpoint  

Cafe Phuket Viewpoint is a hidden Instagram gem located in Phuket, Thailand. Situated along the winding road that links Patong Beach and Kamala Beach, this cafe boasts a rich history and has become a popular spot for the younger generation seeking Instagram-worthy locations. It offers fabulous ocean views and is surrounded by pristine natural environments. The cafe is an ideal place for capturing stunning photos and creating captivating videos for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Due to its unique location and scenic beauty, Cafe Phuket Viewpoint is highly recommended for visitors to Phuket​.

The River Coffee

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the bustling main road of Patong, you’ll stumble upon The River Coffee. Unlike your typical cafe experience, here at The River Coffee, you find yourself immersed in the soothing symphony of nature, with the gentle caress of river waters embracing your feet. This unique cafe undoubtedly ranks among the finest in Phuket. Whether it’s the serene natural ambiance or the novelty of sipping your coffee while perched within the river’s embrace, The River Coffee promises an unforgettable experience. If you prefer, you also have the option to sit on the air-conditioned terrace for a different perspective

Nua Tone Resort & Cafe 

Nua Tone Resort & Cafe in Phuket, Thailand, is a resort nestled in a serene, natural setting, offering guests a peaceful and relaxing experience. The resort is noted for its vintage decor, exuding old-world charm, and provides an ambiance that is both tranquil and inviting. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and features a waterfall, contributing to a relaxing environment. Guests can enjoy delicious food along with freshly roasted coffee in a laid-back atmosphere. The resort offers a variety of amenities for its guests. Popular amenities include breakfast options, free parking, free WiFi, air conditioning, and an on-site restaurant. The resort’s location is advantageous as it’s close to Surin Beach and Kamala Beach, making it convenient for guests to explore these popular areas.

PiKGo Café

This cafe boasts a seamless blend of rustic charm, both in its exterior and interior design, creating a harmonious aesthetic. Within its confines, you’ll discover a multitude of picturesque corners that are simply ideal for your Instagram posts. Whether you prefer the lush and inviting outdoor garden or the magnificent glasshouse interior, which allows an abundance of natural light to pour in, you’ll find the perfect setting for crafting the ideal Instagram shot.

Rush Coffee

Rush Coffee stands out prominently when strolling through Phuket Old Town, thanks to its striking dark blue exterior. It’s an absolute visual gem that also happens to serve excellent coffee. The espresso and slow bar at Rush Coffee has been expertly roasting coffee since 2016, and they even offer roasted coffee beans for you to take home. While the exterior catches your eye, step inside and you’ll be greeted by the delightful aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans, making it a must-visit spot for coffee lovers and aesthetics enthusiasts alike.

The Tent Phuket

The distinctive tent-style seating arrangements and the overall decor of this cafe offer fantastic opportunities for capturing Instagram-worthy photos. Many visitors relish the chance to snap moments while lounging in these cozy tents or enjoying their favorite beverages.

It’s important to note that the popularity and features of cafes can evolve over time. To ensure you have the latest information about The Tent Phuket, such as its menu, operating hours, and any updates to its decor or aesthetics, I recommend checking recent reviews and the cafe’s social media profiles. This way, you can make the most of your visit and capture some truly memorable Instagram photos in the delightful ambiance of this cafe!

Delico Decoration Coffee and Dessert

This cafe is renowned for its enchanting exterior, bearing a striking resemblance to a 17th-century Orthodox church in Moscow. Its interior is equally captivating for Instagram enthusiasts, adorned with an array of rustic trinkets that adorn its ocean-blue walls. What adds to its allure are the numerous cozy corners and niches, each offering the opportunity to craft a unique scene for every Instagram photo. Your visit to this cafe promises an abundance of diverse Instagram-worthy posts, making it a destination that’s truly worth experiencing.

The Old Phuket Coffee

Nestled in the picturesque old quarter of Phuket Town, this charming cafe captures the hearts of tourists with its nostalgic ambiance, reminiscent of bygone eras. It’s a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy opportunities waiting to be explored. The walls are adorned with vintage sewing machines that harken back to your grandparents’ time, and to further enhance the old-world charm, the cafe features displays of antique radios and telephones. For a truly immersive experience, you can even dress up in 1960s attire, allowing you to craft memorable Instagram posts that transport you back in time.

Coffs and Burghs

The timeless allure of this cafe will keep you captivated, as you wander through its various enchanting settings, each providing a unique backdrop for your Instagram shots. The owners have ingeniously crafted several distinct thematic areas, ensuring you have an array of options for your photos. Beyond its picturesque settings, this cafe is an absolute paradise for coffee aficionados. With the cafe’s commitment to roasting its own beans, the interior is permeated with the heavenly fragrance of meticulously slow-roasted coffee beans, making it a sensory delight for all who visit.

Tunk-Ka Café

Perched gracefully on the hillside amidst lush greenery, this cafe treats its patrons to a sweeping and elevated panorama of the sprawling landscape of Phuket below. Positioned at an impressive altitude of 140 meters above sea level, you’ll relish the refreshingly cool breezes that waft in from the nearby sea. It’s undoubtedly one of the standout cafes on our list, promising an unforgettable experience with its breathtaking vistas and serene atmosphere.

Feelsion Café

If you have a penchant for sweets, this cafe presents an extraordinary array of delectable treats for your indulgence. Its spacious and expansive interior is designed to cater to your photography needs, ensuring you find the perfect angles for every Instagram photo. With a two-story layout, you’ll discover a multitude of captivating backgrounds to select from, making it an ideal destination for both dessert lovers and Instagram enthusiasts alike.

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Margaret Coffee Shop Rawai

There’s perhaps no better way to while away an afternoon than perched on a balcony, leisurely sipping your favorite coffee, and gazing out over the Gulf of Thailand from a breathtaking viewpoint. This cafe offers the perfect combination of delightful sweet treats and awe-inspiring vistas, providing you with the ideal backdrop to Instagram away an entire afternoon. Capture the essence of the tropical island vibe in your Instagram posts, as you bask in the stunning views this place has to offer.

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